Thursday, August 4, 2011

Misted Paths: An Experiment in Monochrome

OMFGPonies, I feel SO accomplished! I know, I know, it's just a video, but I've figured out how to combine my photos, animated tutorials, and video footage into cute videos for YouTube! That makes me super happy, and also means I'll be doing lots more video soon! But let me get to the good stuff...

What you're looking at is Wet and Wild's Grey's Anatomy. Have I mentioned I love this polish? It's got such an understated glow to it that only shows up in certain circumstances. I could write for ages about this polish, but that's a post for another day!

However, for this design I put on three or four coats of Grey's Anatomy so that it would be opaque. Then I used topcoat to adhere black rhinestones onto the nail in swirly patterns. For some reason, this made me think of cobblestone paths that twisted away in a morning's mist.

Also, these rhinestones came from Viva la Nails. I love them, and find myself reaching for them often. They're perfect for making eyes- add a big dot of white polish and then drop one of these tiny stones into place, and you've suddenly got an eye with a LOT of character!

Yea, I read WAY too much fantasy. Don't judge, 'k?

My favorite part of this, though, would have to be the video that my husband helped me put together. Granted, I could sit here and fiddle with it for another week or two but I wanted to just get it posted so I can move on to other videos. So, let me share with you my new intro and outtro, as well as my first YouTube tutorial!


Let me know what you think about this design. Would you wear it? Is it just a bit too much? Is it not nearly enough? Talk to me!

Til next time!
Rhinestones were provided by Viva la Nails for consideration.
See my disclosure statement for more information.


  1. I love it! But I'm always weary about doing nail art with rhinestones. How long do they last? I feel like they would catch on things and be annoying. Does that happen, or am I just being crazy? Haha.

  2. River- Actually, depending on how you place them and seal them, they really don't come off. I used these stones for eyes on my penguin nails, and I wore those for 4 days, and they wouldn't budge! I was hoping they would, because rhinestones annoy me sometimes!

    I ended up having to soak them off, because they weren't budging! The key is to put your dab of clear polish down, then set the rhinestone into it and press down gently, so that the polish scoots up the sides of the stone. Then add a coat or two of clear topcoat on top of the stone, and they won't budge!

  3. Those are great! I love the classical and ancient look of this manicure, it reminds me of old wallpaper, I love it!

  4. It is cute! But, I don't know about the design being simple. LOL Looks very intricate to me.

  5. Thanks Laynie! Maybe I'll give 'em a try when I'm being adventurous one day :)

  6. I absolutely love the design. So classy looking.

  7. Akuma- Aww, thanks!! Yea, that's kinda how I was thinking when I put it together. Sort of retro and elegant. :D

    kimberly- It looks intricate, but it really is just sticking one stone after another onto the nail. I do lots of spirals and swirls when I doodle, so it came naturally to me.

    River- Definitely! Just give them a good coat or two of clear topcoat once they're on, and they become part of the manicure!

    Lisa- aww, thank you!


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