Monday, May 9, 2011

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Are Magic.

I've been sitting looking at the blank screen for a while now, and I just cannot think of the best way to phrase this. I keep writing things and deleting them, because about all I can come up with is, "These things are magic and they NEVER LET GO! Go buy them!"

I know, I know, marketing says they'll stay on for 10 days. They never do, right? Or maybe they do, but they're chipped and lifting and you're pulling your hair out, just wanting to take the damn things off already. But this time, I am having none of those problems.

Maybe it's my super nails, maybe it's my process. I used cuticle remover before I put these on, and then scrubbed my nails well. Before I put them on, I went over my nails again with nail polish remover just to make sure there were no oils on them, and I made sure to rub the polish strips down well after I applied them.

The result? It's day 12 and my nails are still perfect, except for new growth. I'm going to have to remove them from sheer boredom soon!! I haven't been taking it easy on these, either: I've been crafting, sewing, beading... all the usual things that will destroy my manicure. The results speak for themselves.

The best part is that because my nails are fairly short, I was able to get all my nails done with one pouch of strips, so I still have another manicure's wear out of these! So far, that's almost a month for one little box of strips!! I'm absolutely gobsmacked.

Creme colors, shimmers, glitters and designs... it's amazing the looks you can get with this simple little packet. I just can't say enough good about them. I'm actually bored with this design, but I want to see how long it will last! Let's see... will they stay on til my nails fall off? :D

Til next time...

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