Thursday, June 2, 2011

Deborah Lippmann: Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Oh my goodness, I am absolutely loving this look. Let me start by saying that I'm really not one to wear corals... they tend to make my skin look kind of oogy. On other people coral looks amazing, but on me? Meh.

So I had a massive problem once I had Deborah Lippmann's Girls Just Want to Have Fun in my hands. It is such a gorgeous coral and I wanted to wear it! Something about this color just absolutely won my heart- it's pigmented, it's bright, it's all the wonderful things about a hot summer day without all the ickiness of actual humidity and frizzy hair! I kicked some ideas around in my head, trying to figure out what I could do to make this color wearable for me.

Before long, it hit me. This was dying to become a Hawaiian print! I've been stashing adorable little floral nail stickers away here and there in my nail art box, always wanting to wear them but never knowing how to do it without looking silly. I'm not sure I managed with this look, but I don't care... I love it too much. The beauty is that even if you're all thumbs, you can do this look too!!

The most important part of this look for me was variety. I used four different sheets of floral stickers in colors that worked together, hoping to make a playful mishmash of pattern that worked together as a fabric, almost. It's not as good as it could be, but every time I see my nails, I giggle a bit to myself!

It really is as easy as picking the stickers off their little sheet and placing them onto your nail wherever you like! Rather than try and keep all the stickers complete, I cut some in half and some in thirds so that the pattern seemed to continue past my nails. I used a pair of nail scissors to cut the stickers and a pair of tweezers to place them gently. After that, a couple of Seche Vite pulled everything together, giving it a coherent look.

However, it still needed something else... something fun, something silly. A quick dig through my nail art box gave me just the thing- Love My Nails Dazzling, a super-fine glitter that made the whole design pop! One more coat of Seche Vite finished it off, and now my nails are perfect for a Louisiana Luau, complete with ice cold beer and a pretty flower in my hair! Now... to find that luau... ;)

Let me know if you try this look. I've love to see photos! This could work with any bright base color, too- yellow, pink, orange, even lavender would be gorgeous! Relax, have fun with it, and remember it's only nail polish!

Til next time!

Polish and stickers were provided by the manufacturers for consideration.
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