Friday, October 14, 2011

I'll miss you, Chammy...

Today was not the best day. My mom's dog began showing signs of illness several days back, and not improving, so we took her to the vet yesterday.The results weren't good, and we had to put her down this afternoon. It was such a hard thing, but treatment would be worse and still have very little chance of helping her regain a positive quality of life. We love her too much to put her through it.

So, this afternoon we went to the vet's office after all the appointments were over. We loved on Chammy, and petted her and told her what a wonderful girl she was. We told her we love her so much, and we sat with her while the vet sedated her. And then we sat with her and petted her, and we all cried as the vet gave her the injection that would let her suffering end. It was peaceful, and it was time.

I'd never seen a vet that would cry with me in this situation. The vet and her nurse both showed so much respect, and it really did make it easier. Somehow, having her understand how much a pet can mean made it easier. I think I'll be writing a thank-you note to the office.

So yea, that was my day. I'm really gonna miss you, Chammy...

Some days just hurt too much.
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