Saturday, November 12, 2011

Music Soothes the Soul

I did something scary last night: I cut my nails because I decided I refuse to turn 40 without being able to play guitar. Well, for certain values of "play guitar." I'll be satisfied if I can play three chords comfortably, switching between them at will. Considering I've got til August, I think it's something I can accomplish.

It's going well! I've made more progress in 2 days than I did in three years, back when I was a teen who wanted very badly to play guitar but didn't know anywhere to learn. Now I've got the internet and I'm unstoppable!

Well, except for that whole changing chords thing. That's REALLY hard!! Seriously, I'm surprised at just how uncoordinated I am. It's almost sad!

Of course, there was something that prompted me to finally act on this. Part of it was watching artists on youtube that play ukulele and make it seem so warm, so endearing an instrument that I just really want to play too. Part of it is watching Amanda F. Palmer do what she does so amazingly well. She's pretty inspirational.

So her latest song is a ukulele anthem, appropriately titled Ukulele Anthem, and for whatever reason I seem to cry every time I hear it. Not that it's a sad song... no, it's more of an upwelling of emotion that just releases itself through tears, a sense that yea, we're all gonna die and there's stuff going on that sucks but it's ok, we can still be happy. I don't know, it just grabs me.

So, if I can learn enough guitar to be satisfied with my progress, I may end up splurging on a ukulele with my Christmas money. It's not like I'd be spending hundreds of dollars... you can get a nice, inexpensive ukulele for not a whole lot of cash. Like this one!!

How adorable is that? And the front has glitter under the gloss! It's like someone decided to make a ukulele just for me, one that I would instantly fall in love with and decide I needed to own! Lime green, glitter... what more could a girl want?


I KNOW! It's the same kind, and it comes with a bag and an instructional DVD... I'm in LOVE! It is seriously the cutest thing ever...

And if you're not in the mood for cute? How about a badass flying v ukulele? It's so cute and little and yet gothly! My mind is spinning with ideas...

The one idea I keep coming back to is one of stripping the front of the new ukulele and painting it with a custom design for myself. Maybe something abstract, maybe my name in the corner... something fun and bright and cheerful, definitely!

As if I needed more stuff to keep my head spinning! I'm telling you, it gets weirder by the day here!

Ah well, it could always be worse. I could be wanting to raise llamas, right?

I wish these were provided by the manufacturer for consideration!
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