Wednesday, December 14, 2011

...So I Googled "My Dryer Smells Like Fish."

Yea, I couldn't come up with a better intro for this than my title, so... I did. I googled "my dryer smells like fish."

It's a strange story, but what here isn't? The last few times we ran the dryer, the entire house was filled with this strange odor. Imagine, if you will, an open can of tuna left in the Louisiana sun in June for a week, then condensed into a fragrance spray that was then liberally poured over every surface in my house.

The stench was nauseating.

It's bizarre, too, because why would our dryer smell like fish? We don't own fish, we don't eat fish, and when we do we don't cook it in the dryer. We don't even live near water. Did some suicidal fish somehow hitchhike to our dryer vent to off itself in the smelliest way possible?

This is why I asked google, the repository of all knowledge. Would you believe I'm not the only person whose dryer smells like fish? Try 764,000 results.

From a preliminary look, it appears the problem might be a fuse going bad. Although why it smells like fish is beyond me... hey, who am I to argue with Dr. Google?

Sometimes my life is just too strange for words...
See my disclosure statement for more information.