Monday, April 9, 2012

Some of my favorite YouTube nail artists

Ok, this weekend was filled with much whining and sleeping, but practically no nail art. That's ok, though... I'm finally starting to feel better, so I expect to get some fun stuff done today. I figured I'd share some of my favorite YouTube nail artists for today, since I get so much joy and inspiration from them! If you like me, you'll LOVE them!

These are in no real order, by the way. Consider it a random selection based on what I remember at the moment, and I'm almost positive I'm leaving people out. But feel free to look through my subscriptions to find other awesome nail art channels, as well as other fun stuff like kitties and science!

Well before I started my blog, I'd been watching makeup tutorials on YouTube and reading makeup blogs. That led to nail polish videos, and that led me to seeing a particular manicure that set off my whole blogging experience: this video by SayAnythingBr00ke. Y'all, I can't even explain what went through my head when I saw it- a rainbow animal print manicure that was bright and gorgeous and totally called my name. I think that video is what started me doing nail art, to be honest! So thank you, Brooke, for starting my nail art addiction.

She's got lots of other fun videos too, with nail stuff and makeup and recipes. Also, I realized that apparently I hadn't figured out subscribing yet, because I somehow wasn't subscribed to her. How does this even happen? *eyeroll* Some days, man...

Next, I absolutely LOVE Colette's videos. She's the water marble queen, and she's super nice to boot! There's something so relaxing about watching her marbling videos, maybe it's her voice. I don't know, all I know is I love them. They really do inspire me to figure out marbling better than I have!

Then there's CelestialDreamx3. She does some really amazing, complex designs that make my brain hurt! I can't imagine having the skills to do them, but I sure do like watching her do it! As an example, just look at this playing-card-inspired design.

I also really like the videos LOVE4NAILS does. Her voice is so pretty and upbeat that her videos always leave me feeling happier than I was before I watched. She does intricate nail designs for long nails that can pretty easily be adapted to shorter nails like mine. Plus, she seems to love glitter almost as much as I do! It was so hard to pick a single video to share with everyone, because I like most of her designs so much! Also, check out her neon animal print party nails (omg, LOVE these!!) and her hand-painted black lace nails.

I can't do a blog on nail art videos without mentioning Meliney. She does a wide variety of nail art, and has a way of making designs that look super-complicated yet are easily achievable. Gotta love that!

Man, this blog entry has taken ages to write. It's not that I've had problems writing, I've just spent way too long flipping through videos, seeing interesting ones I'd missed, and rewatching ones I've really enjoyed. I apologize if I've made you waste too much time out of your Monday!

With that, I'm gonna go watch a few more videos and then try and get to sleep. I've had insomnia the last week or so, but I finally seem to be able to sleep again, and I want to enjoy it!

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  1. I'd add Robin Moses and Cutepolish too :D

  2. Definitely Cutepolish. Robin Moses makes me sick, but it's just supreme world class jealousy speaking - she is super talented.

  3. The leopard Lisa Frank mani got me started too. LOL


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