Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Let's evacuate!! :D

We've got better information now, and the current projected path of the hurricane goes right over my house. Literally- look at the image!

However, you don't need to worry. My family and I will be perfectly safe. My dad built his house to be able to withstand hurricanes, and even during Katrina he only lost a couple of shingles. Not bad!

He's got a generator that will power the whole house and the air conditioning, so we'll even be comfortable if (when?) the power goes out. The worst part is listening to the weather as the hurricane passes, and that's not even that bad in his house thanks to all the insulation!

Now, our home may not do so well, but even it came through Katrina with no real damage to speak of. I'm crossing my fingers, and I'm fairly sure this whole thing will be a non-event.

Thanks for the well wishes, though! I appreciate it.

See you on the other side!
Anyone up for a hurricane party?
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  1. Stay safe!!!! Thinking of you... I hate hurricane season.

  2. Take care Laynie, I hope you and your family are safe. And I want to add how greatful I am that we don't get hurricanes in Sweden, blizzards we get, but not hurricanes...

  3. *Hugs* Make sure you all look after yourselves.


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