Sunday, December 16, 2012

A fun teaser...

I'm working on something fun for the holiday season. I'm so excited about this one that I have to share some teaser shots with you! So, enjoy these mockups and leave me a comment if you have an idea about what I may be doing!


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  1. Are they nail stickers? They would be awesome nail stickers! Or vinyl decals? I could so see those on my Helmers. I wish I could draw!

  2. Decals seem like a good guess... or maybe waterslide transfers? Or, ooh! Ooh! Maybe sheets of ready-made designs meant to be printed out and used with the laser ink transfer technique you came up with! If that last guess isn't it, then that's totally something you should consider doing anyways. Your designs are fantastic and you could either post them up for free or set up an Etsy or whatever and sell them as PDFs. I bet people would totally be willing to pay for that kind of thing! :D I know I would if I had a job, lol. On the other hand I don't even have a laser printer so I couldn't use them either way :( Ever since you posted that technique I've been heavily considering asking for a laser printer specifically for that reason. I kind of hate my inkjet anyway, the quality isn't very good.

    Aaaaanyway... those are the only other guesses I've got. I'm agreeing with the decal route especially because that rainbow halftone design would be ridiculously hard to pull off painting by hand. I don't even know how that could be done. But yeah, super cool designs, I always love your stuff. Great style.

    (That thing with sheets of designs for people to print out at home - or you could print them with your laser jet printer and sell them - could seriously become a big thing. I feel like I just had a stroke of genius, unless that's already what you're doing. Just think about it ;) I think if I do end up getting a laser jet I'll probably start making my own sheets like that and sharing them on my blog! I've done similar things for origami star papers before.)


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