Wednesday, April 4, 2012


This is Dusty. She is a gorgeous, long-haired lump of love!
I had the most awesome time last night. We went to visit a friend and her daughter, and stayed through lunch, all through the afternoon and til around 7pm! Craziness, but it was lots of fun. We played on the xBox Kinect (loads of fun, although my fibro disagreed!), told silly stories and laughed entirely too much.

Best of all were the kitty snuggles! Dusty (seen to the right) spent a while on the arm of the sofa next to me, and finally I couldn't take it any longer- I had to lift her into my lap. She stayed there for an hour at least!

And yes, for the record I am allergic to cats. I took Benadryl before I got to her house, and took another dose while I was there. My face still swelled a bit and my eyes were itchy, but it's so totally worth it to get kitty snuggles!

Rico is gorgeous, but uninterested in us at the moment.
Then there was Rico, the most adorable orange tabby ever! He's just as beautiful as Dusty, but he's got a slightly neurotic obsession... he loves paper. Specifically, he loves to lie down on paper. He was snuggling on my lap when he saw someone had put a piece of paper on the floor, and he actually jumped and ran to plop down onto it! So funny...

As you can see, he also likes being under the paper. My son got the idea to put the paper on Rico and he just stayed like this for quite a while!

Then my son decided to see what all he could put on top of the kitty. Turns out? Quite a bit.

Yea.We laughed our tushies off! Too much fun... I love his reaction at the end, like, "Whoa, what the heck was THAT?!"

And with that, I think I'm going to head to bed. I'm pooped! Later!

There isn't much kitty snuggles can't cure, other than cat allergies.
See my disclosure statement for more information.