Monday, June 4, 2012

Really? Seriously?? Update...

Ugh. I had a day where I was feeling decent, so I was excited to do a manicure I'd been thinking about for days. I also found some Nutranail Gel Perfect on clearance for $2, and inside were coupons for $1 off and $2 off, so I bought 2 more for a buck! So excited...

Except there's always something, right? I lost my balance and grabbed for the doorknob in my bedroom and managed to tear off 3 nails on my swatching hand. And when I say tear off I mean there is no white left. *sighs*

And of course, this comes after breaking my thumbnail almost that far. I decided to hell with it and just cut them all off, so they can grow back evenly. Til then, I've got super nubs.

At least they grow back. :D

So instead of painting my nails, I made a book. I used sturdy drawing paper, stiff cardboard from the back of the drawing pad, staples and duct tape! And believe it or not, I love it to pieces! I've been decorating the covers, so I snapped a quick pic of what I've done so far. I think I like it!

So cheer me up, guys! Tell me something funny, share a link to an amusing site... even tell me about a time you had a nail disaster.  I could use some distraction.

Some day it's not worth crawling from the wreckage...
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