Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Magic the Gathering Celebration 2012

Years ago, my husband and I played a card game called Magic the Gathering. Our son grew up watching us play, and he started playing once he was old enough to understand it and keep up. It's something we do together, and it's lots of fun.

Recently, a gaming shop opened in our area, so we've been going to play Magic there. This past Saturday, there was a Magic Celebration, and let me tell you this much- if you ever have the opportunity to attend one of these (and you play), then by all means GO!!

My husband, our son and I spent all afternoon at the game shop, playing in a tournament and laughing. We met new people, and played with people we already knew. The best part of the day was how the tournament was set up, though.

The typical setup runs something like this: you pay a fee to join the tournament, and then you play in different rounds to see who wins. So for example, 16 people will play in pairs, then the 8 winners will pair off again, then the 4 winners, etc until there's a single winner. That winner then gets packs of cards as a prize.

Magic Cards With Googly Eyes is awesome!
Saturday's tournament was different. Instead of paying to join, the tournament was free. Also, instead of using our existing decks, we were given a pack to start with. Then, we could get up to 3 more packs of cards by winning each of our match ups! We wound up with a ton of cards, and it didn't cost us a penny!!

So yea... lots of fun, laughter, and free Magic cards? It was a wonderful day!

And since I'm talking about Magic cards, let me just share this link I found earlier. When I found Magic Cards with Googly Eyes I had quite a giggle. I hope you have the same!

Til next time!

Family games are awesome!
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