Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Tis the Season for Apocalyptic Dreams...

Some of you may be aware of this, while others aren't. I have REALLY messed up sleeping patterns. For example, I went to sleep around 10am yesterday, Christmas Eve, and woke up today, Christmas, at 6:30pm. I had the STRANGEST dreams that kept getting more and more apocalyptical as I slept.

Started out with me dreaming I was going to go to fairy school. Because of course, I'm a fabulous fairy. However, awesome fairy school turned into dreams of the apocalypse, complete with a beautiful-but-evil guy who was trying (and somewhat succeeding) in breeding earth life forms with... demon stuff? And I was so stupid that I was in love with him before I figured out how evil he was...

Then I was trying to run away, but he kept following me and getting me back. He had this huge underground lair, and there was technicolor in the dream, and smells... HORRIBLE smells. My brain clearly hates me, and doesn't let me dream happy things. I can't even dream I'm naked for my 10th grade English test, either.. I have  to dream about the destruction of life as we know it.

Stupid brain. I hope your Christmas is going better. Merry Christmas everyone, and happy holidays if you don't celebrate Christmas. Whatever you celebrate, I hope it's fantastic.

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  1. Merry Christmas, Laynie:-) I totally understand about the dreams.I have some strange ones too.I sometimes wonder if it's our brain's way to entertain us as we sleep . There is also the remote chance that your dreams could be prophetic in a symbolic way.So many possibilities.There are books on interpreting your dreams.I saw one at my local library just the other day.I've become a library fixture.Have a happy New Year, sweetie and don't forget to eat the black-eyed peas! ♡☆♡☆

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  3. I deleted the previous comment, I couldn't live with a few spelling errors. I've been having multiple nightmares nightly for about 13 years, some frightening, some merely disturbing and certainly my share of apocalyptic dreams, mine also usually involving exploding plumbing or water-from-nowhere ruining all my belongings. They used to be me running from a mysterious bad guy in a old Victorian house and I was forever trying to escape to the woods through windows that were always too small. I also have the ones where I go back to high school as an adult but frequently miss the bus. They say most dreams are a combination of things we've read, seen or heard and the other part comes from our subconscious... I think sometimes the sleeping mind has a better imagination than the waking one.


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