Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Fibro flares, the plague, hospitals, and getting back on my feet.

You may have noticed there has been a slight... lapse in posting this winter. I would love to tell you I had a great reason- I won the lottery and was wandering Europe, tasting amazing foods and seeing amazing sights, or perhaps joining the space program and going into an intense period of training. Maybe I could have joined the witness protection program and had to assume a new (cooler?) identity.

But no, nothing that interesting. Instead, this winter has been filled with emergency room visits, hospital stays (none mine, thankfully), fibromyalgia flares and entirely too much pain to deal with. I've spent the last two months trying to manage the fibro while the weather played yoyo, sometimes going from 80° to 30° in one day. (For those of you using celsius instead of fahrenheit, that would be 26.6° to -1.1° in one day.) In short, weather changes hurt, and this winter has been full of them.

However, don't give up hope- I'm working on editing video I managed to record but hadn't had the brain power to edit (the drugs that help manage the pain tend to turn me into a mental cucumber.), so there are fun things coming. I learned how to water marble, and I've done some fun layering things. I've also got plans...

So bear with me. The weather is warming up a bit (well, in theory, even though it's supposed to be 30° tonight!!) and I've got plans. I really hope you'll join me in this new exploration of video. Also, if there's anything you'd like to know how to do, leave me a comment and I'll add it to my list of videos to shoot!

Love you all!
I am here, and I am somewhat coherent. Yay.
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