Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Strange Dreams...

A few nights ago I had the strangest dream. Well, not strange for me, but strange in general. You see, for some reason I dream in technicolor, linear plotlines that often make some sort of sense even after I've awakened. This was no different.

For this one, I dreamed that I still lived with my parents, and that my parents were still married. I had a sister that was barely over a year old (which is odd, because I'm an only child), and I absolutely doted on her. The beginning of the dream was a succession of fun moments with the baby, as well as me going on a date with the guy I had a crush on from 6th grade through graduation.

Unfortunately, when I came home from that date, I found that my house was a bit of a disaster. My father had sold my baby sister to an unsavory type for about $4 and a bag of cocaine. (This is funny because my dad doesn't even like taking Tylenol, so the idea of him doing street drugs is about as likely as finding out that the Pope has a huge heroin problem.) The house was filled with strangers, and I was locked out.

Apparently all of the action movies I've been watching lately have seeped into my brain, because at that moment I went into action hero mode. The house in my dream had a huge wall of windows that reached floor to ceiling, and I went to work digging out the supports on either side of one window. I checked to make sure I had my guns, then made a running start at the window. I then jumped as high as I could, kicked the window down with both feet, and somehow landed with my gun out, aimed at a "bad guy."

Said bad guy looked at me and I shot. However, apparently I'm as much of a pacifist in my sleep as I am in life, because instead of having a gun that shot bullets, my gun shot tranquilizer darts. I shot three people at first, and two of them dropped like stones. However, the third just laughed at me and said, "Your gun only holds three shots."

Apparently he'd been taking the tranquilizer to build up an immunity to it, and he knew that one dose wouldn't take him down. His taunting infuriated me. My reaction?

I dropped my gun, reached behind me with both hands and pulled out two more tranquilizer guns, one in each hand, and shot him once with each one. He went down in a puddle, looking utterly confused as I continued taking down bad guys until I found my sister.

I woke up shortly after this, and just shook my head. My dreams are so weird.

If I could record my dreams as movies, I'd have lots of blockbusters.
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