Saturday, July 31, 2010

GOSH Holographic- Beauty and Sadness...

The colors of GOSH Holographic- rainbows weep with envy.

Most polishes are the same. They're pretty enough, they're nice enough, but they're nothing terribly special, and you wouldn't cry if you lost one. How many pink or red cremes are out there, almost alike, almost identical, and nothing exciting. You've had red cremes in the past, you'll have red cremes in the future, and it's one thing that you can always find with no problem at all...

But every now and then, you find a polish that's different. A polish that stands out from the crowd, that excites you and makes you want to own several- one to wear, one to save, and one to put away just in case. For me, GOSH Holographic is my special polish. It's not all that special, I suppose. There are lots of holographic polishes out there, it would seem. But this one is among the best, from what I've read.

When it's on my nails, I can't stop looking at them. Inside, there's a hint of holographic beauty, but in the sun this baby shines like magic. There are rainbows hidden in this polish, and sunlight brings them out to play. It's like having a bit of magic on my fingertips, and it makes even the worst days a little bit brighter.

So where's the sadness come in? Unfortunately, this beast wears horribly. Getting a nice even coat is tricky enough without a base coat. I haven't managed to apply it using a base coat, unfortunately, because it goes all goopy and disgusting. And without a base coat, this polish wears off in no time flat.

Forget tipwear. You can see in the photo that this is full-fledged chipping and wearing away. And the more it wears away, the sadder I get, because I know I'm that much closer to having no more of this gorgeous lacquer for my nails, and that the magic is that much closer to running out.

It's become my special occasion polish, my special pick-me-up. What makes it even more special is that a great friend of mine sent this polish to me as a pick me up. Every time I see it, I'm reminded of how special she is to me, and how lucky I am to have her as a friend. I'm tempted to paint a set of artificial nails just for myself, so that I'll at least be able to look at them once it's all run out. What can I say, I'm a sentimental wuss.

So tell me, what polishes do you find yourself hoarding, buying backup bottles of, and hoping you never run out of? What makes a polish sentimental to you- the color? The person who gave it to you?


  1. I am hoarding bottles of Color Club- Wild At Heart and am looking to get some back ups of OPI - Meet Me On Star Ferry and Louvre Me Louvre Me Not. My theory is, if I'm worried enough about running out of a polish that I won't wear it, then I need back ups. And a polish that is special to me is the new Revlon glitter top coat, Star, because a sweet MUA lady sent it to me to cheer me up after my cat Starlight passed away last week. So it reminds me of how kind people can be and of my kitty.

  2. I don't really have any polishes that I hoard, but I really, really love OPI Mad as a Hatter. I just got it after lemming it since it came out, and just looking at it in the bottle makes me happy. :)

  3. Jana- I totally agree with you. As it is, I'm looking at my poor Gosh Holographic, realizing it's almost out, and I'm so sad about it! I'm so sorry to hear about your kitty, but I'm glad you've found wonderful people to remind you how warm and caring people can be.

    Zara- I know what you mean by that. I have a couple of polishes that I can just look at the bottle and be happy!


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