Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I was tagged! Four things about Laynie...

I was TAGGED!! Anita from a Splash of Serendipity tagged me to do the Four Things meme. You might learn more about me than you really want to know, but hey, it's a risk you take, right?

4 things found in my purse
  * Pens. I usually have pens in at least 4 ink colors, because I sketch a lot. Having multiple colors lets me put more depth and detail in my sketches. It's also just plain fun. I prefer Pilot G2 pens in fine or extra fine point.
  * A notebook(s). See above. I have one or two notebooks with me at all times, for sketching, to do lists, or jotting down inspiration as it hits.
  * My medicine organizer. I have fibromyalgia and take medication four times a day. If it weren't for my medicine organizer, I'd never be able to remember what to take when! I have a pretty cool system worked out for it, though, and have helped friends start a system for their meds as well.
  * Lip balm. My lips get so dry and chapped! I love my Nivea Kiss of Moisture...

4 favorite things in my room
  * My husband!
  * My memory foam mattress topper. This thing is BLISSFUL!
  * My laptop. It stays in the bedroom most of the time.
  * My nail polish!

4 things I’ve always wanted to do
  * Go to Burning Man.
  * Graduate from college. I stopped midway in my junior year (ok, I was in college for 7 years, and was only a junior. It's a LONG story!) due to health and then we moved, and I never finished my degree.
  * Road trip across the country. I want to do all those touristy things with my husband, buy t shirts and see the Grand Canyon and Niagara Falls and ... yea. It sounds like so much fun!
  * Learn another language well enough to actually have a conversation in it. As it is? I can order beer in several languages. That might be helpful if I actually drank beer.

4 things I’m currently into
  * Nail polish! All sorts of nail art, actually. I enjoy reading about it as much as I enjoy actually making it, and I wish there were magazines about it.
  * Women's health. I'm a women's health advocate, and I moderate several women's health communities online. I believe information is crucial in this day and age, and I work hard to make information about our bodies and our birth control choices available.
  * Vanilla yogurt. I love the stuff. I could eat it three times a day without complaint. In fact, I think I need a bowl right now...
  * Research. Actually, it's not something I'm "currently" into, it's something I'm always into. I seriously enjoy taking a subject and learning everything about it that I possibly can.

4 things I bet you didn't know about me
  * At one time I was a radio DJ. I worked at a college radio station, and it was lots of fun.
  * I'm double jointed. My arms bend so far back that it looks like they're broken.
  * I'm legally blind without my contact lenses. I'm so nearsighted that everything is just blobs without them.
  * I don't like following rules. :D

4 songs I can't get out of my head
  There are entirely too many to pick at the moment. Pick a Lady Gaga song- if I know it, it's been stuck in my head before. "Just Dance" is currently there.

-once tagged you must link the person who tagged you
-tag 4 others
-let the bloggers know they have been tagged
-give 4 answers to each question asked

I don't want to tag anyone in particular. Instead I'm tagging everyone- if you read this, and you want to play along, then do so. Link me as well, if you do. And most of all... enjoy yourself!!


  1. I love drawing as well!
    But I can't draw with pens, I just make too much mistakes xD
    Road trip sounds awesome ^o^
    You should just travel around the world!

  2. Love the G2 pens! I use them for writing though. I prefer the erasibility of pencils for my doodling. :)

  3. AnnKins- I used to worry about making mistakes. Then I realized I enjoy the process of drawing a lot more if I just relax and let the pen do what it does. Now I get too fussy when I draw with pencil, because I want it to be "perfect," which clearly I can't do. :D

    Anita- I love them for writing too! I just love how the ink flows for sketching. When I can erase, I get way too obsessed with making things "perfect." Not good. :D

  4. i used to be that nearsighted too! my script was like -14 or something. i got lasik not too long ago and it has been the best think ever. i can't say enough about it!

    i also la la love to research stuff haha, i feel like a geek but i really do.

    and i'm super into writing utencils, even tho i don't draw well, i like to hand write my notes for school. i am currently awaiting the new sharpie liquid graphite pencil like it's a new nail polish collex or something haha *points at self* NERD!

  5. Kellie- Ohhh, I don't think I could do Lasik. I can't even sit still for the glaucoma test, that puff of air thing? The idea of sitting there while.. ugh. No. Makes me squirm SO HARD. Not enough drugs in the world to keep me still for that!

    And... the liquid graphite pencil??? O.O
    That sounds like... oh, wow. So. Awesome. I had no idea... :D

    I'm actually into office supplies in general. All of them- pens, paper, notebooks, highlighters... I can spend HOURS just wandering Home Depot!


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