Friday, October 1, 2010

What Does the Essence Magnetic Polishes Pattern Look Like? Find Out Here!

Hi everyone! This is just a quick note to let you know that I added a bit to my blog about the new limited edition Essence Magnetic Metallic polishes. While talking with @amusedPolish on twitter, she pointed out a little detail on the magnet packaging that I'd missed. I immediately went back into the photos and looked, squinting, trying to see what the magnet's pattern looks like. This is the best I could do.

So, it looks like instead of the gorgeous starburst pattern Lancome's Le Magnetique produced, these polishes will have stripes. That's if the packaging shows the actual pattern. :D

Have a great rest of the day, wherever you are! ♥


  1. Alessandro is also releasing some magnetic polishes and theirs will have a kind of candy cane stripey pattern. Maybe Essence's will be the same?


  2. Hmm...I really want to see swatches of these! They sound really freaking cool, but I'm afraid they won't live up to my expectations.

  3. boo. stripes are boring-o. haha i'm sure i'll fall for them eventually but right now i'm not impressed. thanks for the heads up girl!

  4. Where can I get the polishes? They look amazing already!

  5. I agree with Kellie.
    Stripes are boring, hopefully someone will be able to create another design.
    Stripes you can do with a striper while stars. You can't do that very easily :c

  6. jbrobeck- OMG, me too! I so wish they were going to be available here in the states! Maybe Ulta will end up with them?

    Sarah B.- That's what it seems like. I imagine you'll be able to turn the magnet to make the pattern go in different directions on your nails. I hope, at least!

    Zara- Same here... Actually, I want to see the polishes in my grubby little hands, so I can swatch it for myself! Chatoyancy has a weird habit of not showing up nicely in photos.

    kelliegonzo- I know, but I guess you could use any magnets you have? I'm imagining putting a couple of rare earth magnets on a popsicle stick to make my own little polish adjuster!

    Cheryl- the polishes are going to be available in the UK, wherever Essence polishes are sold, I guess.

    AnnKiins'♥- Well, yes and no. While you can paint lines on your nails, you can't really mimic the chatoyancy of these polishes. Because it's the internal metallic particles moving in the polish while it's wet causing the pattern, it's going to be extremely tough to mimic. I can't wait to see it!


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