Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Amazing miniature nail art!

My friends are so awesome. Moments ago, I got an IM from one of my best friends. She'd seen a bit of nail art that blew her away and reminded her of me. (Man, if only I could be HALF this good!! *laughs*) After talking with her for a few minutes and passing images back and forth, I knew I wanted to share these with you!

Please allow me to introduce to you Maya Pixelskaya. She describes herself thus:
I’m a videogame & art lover who decided to combine both passions in order to create unique products that have touched the hearts of retrogame fans around the world.

My work has been featured in numerous blogs and websites, as well as on design magazines. I also work in an animation studio while I’m still immersed in new projects.

Of course, all credit of the videogames and movies I inspire on goes to their creators; I only pay homage to them through my art. I hope you like it!
Onward to the nail art... this blows my mind. I wish there were clearer photos, but it's hard to photograph such tiny works! Also, keep in mind, she's not a nail enthusiast, so keep the cuticle comments to yourself please. She's aware her cuticles are dry and not the best, but this is about the art, not the nail care.

Street Fighter nail art, by Maya Pixelskaya.
 This is the image Misalynn sent me- a video game scenario with tiny little combatants beating the holy crud out of each other. Do you see the detail in this? Man, my first reaction was, "are you SERIOUS?? Is she painting these with a sewing pin??

In all honesty, I cannot imagine trying to paint this on a thumbnail. Too much fiddly detail, too much room to totally mess things up with a sudden twitch. But she has done a fabulous job of it!!

Then Misalynn linked me to her nail art gallery. Apparently, Maya does these little artworks before studying, then leaves them to dry while she studies, stuck at her table so she doesn't move around a lot. Interesting logic, although I think a bottle of Seche Vite might rock her world! ;) But let's see more art!

Movie-inspired nail art by Maya Pixelskaya.
The images in her nail art gallery are all inspired by films or video games, which I love. And no, I can't identify all of them... can you?

This one, though, was iconic for me even if I couldn't remember which film it came from. I had to search for quite a bit on google before I could pin down not just the movie, but the characters. (In case you want to know, it's here, although I won't spoil it if others want to remember on their own!)

The detail on this as well just blows my mind. So delicate, and yet it still captures the essence of the scene. Even the hair is suggested just so to fully set the scene. I'm absolutely blown away!

Nail art by Maya Pixelskaya.
One more image, and I'll leave you to go dig around in her galleries. Unfortunately, I'm not sure which film this is, but it doesn't even matter. You need to see this image full-size to really appreciate the amount of work that went into this one. The intensity of the flames, the subtle sparkle in the sky, all of it combines to produce a particularly moving image of destruction and sadness. So well done, I'm at a loss for words!

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I have, and if you have a few more minutes, definitely check out her other art! She works in various media- neckties, converse shoes, guitars... truly a multi-talented lady!

Have a great week, and be good til next we meet!

I love my friends!!
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