Monday, December 6, 2010

10,000 pageviews giveaway WINNER!!

Hi! Very quick post to share the winner of the 10,000 pageview giveaway- congratulations, Cheryl! She's won the generous prize package from Broadway nails.

There were almost 100 entries into the giveaway! I have to say though, I'm a bit disappointed. I was very frustrated while I was going through the entries and verifying entries. Not only did some people say they'd followed me on Twitter when they haven't, there were even false links and people who weren't even following via Google Friend Connector.

Running a giveaway like this takes hours of sorting through entries and verifying. It's just not cool to fake entries, hoping whoever runs it won't notice. I guess it's a risk you take, but know that at 3am while I was up to my ears in entries, I was grumpy as heck.

I just needed to get that out of my system. It won't stop me from hosting more contests and giveaways, though. :D

Prize package was provided by Broadway Nails.
See my disclosure statement for more information.


  1. That's too bad, just don't mind them. hope you get better. =) And congrats to the winner!

  2. Camille- Oh, I feel fine now, I was just annoyed. I guess it's just something you have to deal with when you run a giveaway. It just annoys me that people do that!

  3. Boo to those! It doean't take much to enter correctly!

    Yay to your first giveaway!

  4. Yay for Cheryl! :D Nay for those who made stuff up which rendered your sorting out of the entries a little harder. *Grrrr*


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