Sunday, June 27, 2010

Magenta-to-Orange Gradient Nails

OMG, I so love what I did to my nails tonight! I've gone with a gradient again, because gradients are seriously making my day! This time, I went with a gradient from magenta to bright-hot orange. It's so pretty and summery! Pics soon!

Edited to add: OMG, best manicure mess-up ever!! I smudged the heck out of my middle finger on my right hand, so I removed everything on that finger and repainted, and decided to flip the gradient on both middle fingers. SO CUTE!! This totally needs pics!

Edited again: Grr. Managed to destroy the mani without taking decent photos. Gave up, cleaned the mess off, and painted nails with Pure Ice Hot Tamale. I'll try again later. =/

Edited One Last Time: GRRRRR! Bungled the Hot Tamale. Apparently, I am too worn out from my road trip to attempt to polish my nails. I'm taking the whole shebang off and going to bed. Here, enjoy pics from before the blog.

Pretend I did this tonight. It may be a fail, but at least it was a technique fail, rather than a clumsy "omg, I destroyed it" fail. *frown*

Continuing to set up LaynieFingers blog...

Wow. I'm still going through the various options for the blog. If I'd waited until everything was perfect, I don't think I'd ever have posted a single entry! There are so many options, and so many things I'm not sure if I want or not!

Expect changes, folks. I'm not sure what things will look like for a few days, but there are posts coming that have to do with nails! :D

One amazing contest!

Oh, wow. The girls at Concrete and Nail Polish are hosting one heck of a giveaway! Seriously, this is a sweet collection of goodies that anyone would be happy to get, myself included! I'll quote part of her blog about this:

I want to have another giveaway that's open internationally and I can always do that when I don't have a company sponsoring the giveaway. Everything is brand new. Some are items I've won but can't use or don't need since I already have something similar. Some items were purchased just for this giveaway.

One lucky follower from anywhere in the world will win:

* A set of Kiss Mix or Match Nails
* Cream Perfume Company Rose de Rosee Body Moisturizer
* Olivia Care Olive Oil Verbena Soap
* OPI Tiny Takeouts Hong Kong Collection
* 2 Tic Tac Polishes
* 3 Maybelline Express Finish Polishes
* A Sally Girl Polish
* 2 Sally Hansen Salon Polishes
* A Nubar Polish
* 4 Sinful Polishes

Do I even need to tell you to head on over and sign up? Because really... even if I don't win, if you do you're still spreading that happiness around! Ok, so that didn't quite make sense. Does it matter?

Go! Enter! And while you're out there doing my bidding, hug someone. Make someone smile. Do something happy today!