Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Happy Holidaze the fifth- Five Golden Rings!!

Boy oh boy, am I glad I did a bunch of nail art in advance. I had to cut my nails back tonight, and I'm back to nubbins, unfortunately... they're so short they aren't even close to the tips of my fingers. *sighs* Stupid breaks and splits. Hopefully they'll be healthier because of it, though...

So, I don't know about you, but sometimes when I go to a holiday party, I have no desire to paint my nails in red and green. Sure, it's a Christmas party, but the red and green can stay on the tree! Instead, I'm going to show you an easy Konad design that I absolutely love!

Ok, it's dots instead of rings, and there are more than five. But they ARE gold!
First, I painted my nails with a basic black creme polish. Pick one, any of them will do. Two coats, then once they dried I pulled out my  Maybelline Express Finish in Matte Gold for stamping. Doesn't it do a great job? Unfortunately, I don't remember quite which Konad plate this image is from, but really you can pick one you like.  I chose this one because of the blank space at the top and the bottom.

First I used a tiny paint brush and a dot of the Matte Gold to take the lines all the way to the edge of the nail at the top and the bottom. It's not quite perfect, but that's ok- nobody is going to be looking that closely at your nails. I'm just too obsessive to leave them unconnected.

Once the edges were tidied up, I then pulled out my Sinful Colors All About You, which is an absolutely delicious gold-toned glitter that has multiple sizes and multiple tones of gold. I absolutely adore this glitter, because it's sparkly enough to add a kick, but still small enough to stay sort of subtle, at least as far as glitter goes. :D

I added All About You to the top and bottom sections of the nail, adding to the look and sort of making things look finished. I feel like it really did take a design that was pretty and make it pretty awesome! Then I finished things off with a coat of Seche Vite to protect everything and I called it DONE! Easy as can be.

Now, if only I had somewhere to wear it to! Ah well, soon.