Friday, December 17, 2010

Happy Holidaze the Twelfth- It's a Fat Man's Red Suit!

You know, today's design is one of my favorite designs I did for the holidays. It's just so cute, so festive, so FUN! Sometimes you need to head back to the classics, and so I did. I was inspired by Beauty Judy's Santa Nails, only I needed to do them my way. Santa needed some serious sparkle!

That's right- instead of using creme colors like Judy did, I went for super-sparkle. I used my Heaven polish in Ruby for the red because it is absolutely the most gorgeously intense red glitter polish I've ever seen. Everything else was Art Deco stripers in black, white, and silver. The glitter on the white is from the glorious (and messy) glitter samples I wrote about the other day. It looks pretty fab on, doesn't it?

How to make Santa suit nails:
  1. Apply your base coat.
  2. Apply (at least) 2 coats of red polish.
  3. Apply a white strip down the center of the nail.
  4. Apply a white french tip the width of the center white strip.
  5. Paint a thin black band across the center of the nail. This will be Santa's belt.
  6. Make a small silver rectangle across the black band. This will be the buckle on Santa's belt.
  7. Paint a thin silver line starting from the center of the silver rectangle. This will be the bar/latch of the belt buckle.
  8. Let everything dry. Then paint clear polish over the white sections and
    sprinkle with white or clear glitter, just to add sparkle.
  9. Apply top coat to seal and protect.
That's it... it looks sort of complex, but when you break it down step-by-step, it's really very simple. Lots of designs are, once you break them down! I'd wear this on my own nails right now if they were long enough, but they end about where Santa's belt ends right now. My nubs are SAD!

Remember- if you try a version of one of my designs, leave me a note and a picture! I'd love to see what you do! I know y'all can totally improve on my stuff! :D