Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Quick Sirius Update

I am so tired. Apparently the doggy drama wore me out. I even ran from my mom's house to mine to get my address book so I could call my dad's cell phone. As a result, once we got home and calmed down, I absolutely collapsed.

I made it to my bed, but didn't manage to get completely undressed. Then I slept... and oh my goodness, did I sleep! The insomnia I've been fighting with for weeks was gone, thankfully. I slept from probably 11am until around 5pm, when I woke up long enough to eat a sandwich, drink a bottle of water, visit the restroom, and stagger back to the bedroom where I slept until around midnight. I woke up again, realized how achy I was, and asked my husband if he would take me to go walk. He said sure, get dressed and we'll go...

... and I promptly fell back asleep before I could get up and dressed. I woke up again around 3am when he came to bed and asked why we didn't go walk. He explained that I went back to sleep so he figured I needed the sleep more than the walk. I think he was right, since I went back to sleep and didn't wake up until around 7am the next morning, and spend most of that day sleeping!

I'm just now getting back to feeling somewhat awake, and I have no idea how much that's going to last. But I want you all to know how much my mom and I appreciate your thoughts and comments. Siri is acting more and more like herself, and the longer she goes without another seizure, the more relieved we all feel. She'll see the vet again tomorrow for bloodwork and probably to be spayed, and with any luck these seizures will be a very rare event.

Hopefully I'll be able to stay awake long enough to paint my nails soon!! As it is, they've been bare for three days now, and it feels weird! :D

Love y'all...
Wow... I had no idea I could sleep that much and STILL BE SLEEPY!
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  1. I am glad to hear Siri is doing better. My mom's dog, an Italian Greyhound named Max, has had seizures for about 5 years. They are very scary! My mom takes him to a homeopathic vet, which seems to help. She told us to avoid any food with red food coloring, and all beef! He still has seizures, but not as frequently. I hope Siri continues to improve. ((hugs!))

  2. I'm glad Sirius is doing better! Also, I'm glad you got some good sleep - it sounds like you need it. :)

  3. You deserve all that sleep! I hope no more seizures to come! ((hugs))

  4. I am glad things are going better for you!! Hope this helps brighten your day:) I tagged you in a Stylish Beauty Blogger Award - I know you specifically asked for no links in your comments.. I hope this one is ok! If not feel free to delete!


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