Sunday, April 24, 2011

Pink Sparkles make me smile!

Wow. I am utterly exhausted, you guys. I did a photo shoot on Wednesday and ended up taking 2000 pictures of the girl, and even though it was lots of fun, it TOTALLY wore me out. I did get a few shots of my nails, though! ;)

I sat down looking for something in particular. I feel guilty for passing up things in the review box, but sometimes you have to feed your soul first! I wanted deep pink color with super sparkle, and BOY did I get it! I went with layering, using my standby perfect pink topped with a super glass fleck that is absolutely stunning!

I was so happy, because in the sunlight this was absolutely gorgeous. I loved catching the happy pink on my nails every time I glanced down. It absolutely made my day!

Unfortunately it didn't wear terribly well. Two days later I had chips and massive tipwear. I'm unsure whether I should be wearing a base coat over the Qtica Nail Growth Accelerator, but this makes me think I should be. I don't know... anyone have thoughts about this?

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I never liked pink. I wonder what changed?
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