Saturday, February 11, 2012

Krista's Cookies With Character

I love this guy! So cute, and so tasty!!
Recently I was lucky enough to win a dozen cookies from Krista's Cookies With Character, and I was so pleased with them that I decided I absolutely had to share them with all of you! I wish I could have shared more than the pictures, because these cookies were AMAZING!

First off, I have to comment on the packaging. We all know how rough packages can be handled by the post office. However, Krista went above and beyond with these, doing her best to make sure the cookies all arrived damage-free. They were individually wrapped, then wrapped in bubble wrap and tissue paper inside a pretty white box. That box was wrapped with a pretty ribbon and topped off with her business card, which includes a shot of the guy to the right. So CUTE!

That box was then put into a brown cardboard box and stabilized with packing peanuts. I'm telling you, these cookies were babied, and they were all in perfect condition- not a chip on any of them!

How gorgeous are these??

I was so excited opening the box, moreso than I should have been, probably. But it's been a rough time for me lately, so the cookies definitely were a pick me up! I felt like I was getting a present! And what a gift... just look how gorgeous these were!

My family said they were simply too pretty to eat (before taking a big bite and moaning happily around it). The texture of the cookies was so nice- crisp, but tender, and so delicious!The frosting was the perfect sweetness, and not so hard that it would break your teeth.

Can you tell I really, really liked these? I'll let the rest of the photos speak for themselves...

What can I say, I'm speechless at the quality of her cookies. These photos don't do them justice. And when looking through Krista's Flickr stream, I found a couple of extra cookies I had to share... This penguin is too adorable to believe! I love the little heart hat, and the puffy mittens and pompom on her hat, and those rosy cheeks just KILL me! I would have a hard time eating this one...

Finally, I had to giggle when I saw this adorable Frankenstein's monster, mainly because he reminded me of my Frankencrackle mascot! Although now that I look back on my mascot, he looks much less cute and more angry. And... well, crackly! I doubt he'd be nearly as tasty as this guy either!

Bottom line, Krista's cookies are AMAZING! If you happen to need some delicious, home-baked cookies with gorgeous hand-decorated designs, you can't go wrong with these. If you get the chance, I urge you to try her cookies. And if you do, tell her I sent ya!

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