Monday, November 26, 2012

Another Design With Options!

Wow, it is definitely the holiday season. How do I know? Because I've been sick for probably the last 6 weeks. None of it is life-threatening, thankfully, it's just frustrating and annoying. So many plans, and so little actual ability to accomplish anything!

I decided to play around a bit with color blocking. You can really use whatever colors you want, and I'll be showing you several options a little farther on in this entry. However, let me explain my process for this one.

I started the way I do all my designs- with a good base coat. This helps the polish adhere longer and can also prevent staining. It can be very frustrating removing a favorite color only to find you have zombie hands!

I then decided to paint random sections on my nail. If I were doing this as a whole-hand manicure, I don't think I'd make all the nails look alike. However, you totally could make them all alike and it would be lots of fun.

So, I started with the yellow polish, painting a triangle-ish shape in the center of my nail. I let that dry for a bit, then went back for the top and bottom sections and filled in with my teal and black polishes. After a few more minutes drying time, I went in with my silver striping polish and added a stripe to cover the lines where the polishes join. A coat of Seche Vite finished everything off, and I was quite happy with this design.

You could also do lots more with this type of design. You could use glitter for the stripes, you could do gradients for one or all of the sections (imagine having the gradients go in different directions!), you could go in with rhinestones or stickers... you're really only limited by your imagination. I didn't even experiment with other patterns! So, enjoy this set of mockups that all use this basic design.

So what do you think? Do you enjoy seeing these variations on a theme to see just how different the same design can look with just basic color changes? I really enjoy showing how a simple design can look so very different based on who's doing it and what spin they put on it.

Leave me a note if you like this design and definitely let me know if you enjoy these mockups. And have a belated Happy Thanksgiving for all the US people!

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