Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Incoco Dry Nail Appliques in Ruby Shoes- My Nails Are Glittery!!

Ahhh, Incoco, how I love your products. Your dry nail appliques make my life so easy, and my biggest wish is to have a giant basket with five of every Incoco shade, just waiting for me to try and pick one to wear! Today's mani is Incoco's Ruby Shoes, which is a glorious glittery ruby shade that makes my heart smile!

If you don't know, Incoco appliques are little stickers made of actual nail polish. You pick the right size for your nail from the strip, peel the polish off the backing, and press it onto your nailbed. A  quick file removes the end of the sticker from your nail tips, and then you've got a perfectly dry nail that you can immediately touch with no problem! There's no muss, no smell, no inconvenient drying time. They're amazing!

Today I chose Ruby Shoes, simply because I am a sucker for red glitter. This doesn't disappoint. The glitter in this mani is almost impossible to photograph, for some reason, but please believe me that this is so gorgeously glittery that I can't take my eyes off my nails! However, unlike glitter polishes, this applique is totally smooth to the touch. No topcoat needed, this mani has it all included!

Something else to keep in mind: The first time I wore Incoco appliques, I didn't really know how to apply them. As a result, I wound up with a few nails that weren't completely covered. I didn't realize that the appliques will stretch some, so that you can make them fit!

Luckily, I saw a video on YouTube that showed how to apply the appliques properly. This made application SO much easier! There's also a video that gives tips on how to adjust the appliques for optimal fit. I cannot recommend these videos enough. They're made by Incoco, and explain things so simply that I had no problem getting my nails looking faublous!

Also, stay tuned: I'm planning a photo tutorial on how to apply these in the next day or two. Pictures are taken, I just haven't had time to get it together. Stay tuned!!

Incoco Dry Nail Appliques were supplied by the manufacturer for evaluation.


  1. Wow, wow and wow.
    Reminds me of Shellac, besides the fact its a liquid.
    I can't wait till Essense releases their range!
    I want to get my hands on some Inococo.

  2. fun! i have seen these at Walgreens, but only super duper boring colors!

  3. AnnKiins'♥- Oh, absolutely!! I've seen some of the Essence designs... they have designs! Like houndstooth and camo and more!! I want to try those SO MUCH!!

    jbrobeck- Me too, my Walgreens has such boring colors. I was very happy to get these!


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