Saturday, October 23, 2010

Test Nail- Crystals and Mermaids and Dragons Oh My!

I'm absolutely exhausted tonight so I'll let the photos do most of the talking. I've had several sleepless nights in a row now, and I'm managing maybe an hour or two at a time before I'm awake and miserable again, so my brain is sort of melty at the moment. But the photos rock.

I was kicking around ideas in my head, and this is simply one of the ideas I've been toying with. I think I'm happy with it...

Taking photos inside didn't work that well. The color really didn't show, although you do get an idea of how it looks in low light.

So I took things outside and fastened the nail to my poor dirty car with poster putty. It was late afternoon and there was no direct sunlight, but you can still see the color much better.

So now I think I'll make a full set to put on Etsy. I love the way they catch the light. They make me think of shattered crystal shards, of mermaids, of dragons. The cool thing is that I can make them in multiple colors... I can see these in red, green, black...

So that's my post for today/tonight. Hardly my usual, but I hope the photos make up for it. Now I get to sleep, and hopefully to stay asleep for more than an hour. Leave me a comment and tell me what you think: should I make a full set of these for Etsy? Should I make them in different colors? What color would you like to see?


  1. other than the fact that I of course ADORE this.... I have one word.

    Benedryl. It'll help you sleep. The sleep aids they put on the market are usually just benedryl with the antihistamine part removed...

  2. OMG LOVE this! I can see a rainbow in my head with these lol.

  3. I mean its OBVIOUSLY not a nightly suggestion but once in a blue moon it might help you. I'm NOT condoning drug use at all, btw. Very against drugs. But benedryl can help you conk out so you stay asleep and get some rest, which it sounds like you really need, and deserve! Sweet dreams!

  4. ......WOW!!!!! These are amazing and beautiful!! I hope you can get some rest soon. :)

  5. OMG, thats so pretty!!
    I agree, looks like glass shards on the nail.
    Is it bumpy?
    Gaaah, it looks super cool! Very creative c:


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