Friday, August 12, 2011

Ideas for Nail Art- your thoughts?

Ok guys, I have to apologize for the lack of fun posts this week, but I'm sick yet again, and am now dealing with strep. It's not fun, and it's seriously sapping my writing ability, not to mention my ability to do anything useful to my nails. I'm absolutely ashamed to show my nails at the moment!

However, while talking to a friend tonight on twitter, I was inspired. I sat down and went through my folder of old art pieces and realized something interesting... I could do this to nails, too!! So tell me... is this sort of thing something you'd wear as nail art?

I'm adding another image I worked up in photoshop as an idea. I can do these patterns in just about any color possible. For example, the third nail (the blue swirls): here's a mockup in a pretty rainbow!

Let me know what you think in the comments. Yes, these are all faux finishes I've made on other objects, meaning they're things I think I could do on artificial nails. :D

Til next time!

Sometimes my mind is a scary place!
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  1. I like the coppery swirls and the blue swirls :)

  2. I like the woden one as also the iced nail.

  3. Looks super awesome! I love them all! :D

  4. It's like decals or those stick on nails that are custom made. Neat!

  5. rijaH- Thank you! I'm going to start experimenting this weekend, I think! I'm SO hopeful!

    Kitty- It would be like the nail sets you buy from Broadway or Kiss, with several nail sizes to choose from. And some of these would have texture to them, a bit.

    I'm excited to experiment with them... I have PLANS!

  6. Juliana- thank you!! Let's see if I can make them happen!! :D


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