Sunday, December 5, 2010

Happy Holidaze the fourth- it's all about the glitter, baby!

Wheee! My contest ended this afternoon- I hope you got your entries in before it closed! I'll have the winner announced very soon. I can't wait to see who wins!

Until then, it's time for more holidaze fun! Today's look is a very simple one that's just tons of fun to do, and super easy! I painted my nails with 2 coats of a base color (red in one case, gold in the other) and then took glitter in shades of red, green, and silver and basically blinged them to heck and back! Look how sparkly they are!

One thing that's kind of hard to tell in these pics is that the glitter isn't just spread on in a mix. Instead, I would paint a small section of the nail then press on a single color of glitter. Then I would paint another small section and press on a different color. This gave me sections with mostly red, mostly green, and mostly silver. It really does look gorgeous when the lights are sort of low and the glitter sparkles.

This isn't one of my favorite looks, but I think it could be fun to play with some more. I would like to find a more efficient way of applying the glitter so that it can be both neat, smooth, and yet filling in most of the spaces.

Ah well, one day, yes? Now I'm off to verify more entries in the giveaway. But I'll post more about that when I announce the winner! Have a great day/night/afternoon/whatever it is where you are! :D

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