Sunday, February 27, 2011

Look, I haven't run away!

Man oh man, has this been a week. I'll keep this brief, because I know you won't want to read a huge novel of woe and distress. Let's just say that life has stolen my brain for the last few weeks. Seriously, this is no fun!

Have you noticed that sitting in the hospital will wear you out? My son was in the hospital this week, and it was a pretty stressful environment. I have no idea why doctors don't know more about diabetes or how to treat it, but honestly it's enough to make me want to choke someone. Thankfully, I was able to get the necessary people to call kiddo's endocrinology team so that they could be told what to do. But trust me... I was ready to pull my hair out, or perhaps someone else's.

If you happen to be in the hospital and the doctor/nurses/whoever isn't listening to you about how to handle a chronic condition you have, please don't be afraid to tell them to call your regular doctor. You may be able to use the phrasing I did this week:  "I know I'm not a doctor and am just some ranting nobody, and I don't expect you to take my word on this. However, my doctor knows how to handle this situation. Please call [insert specialist here] to verify how she would like this condition managed."

Also, keep in mind that no matter what they're doing, your doctor is on your side. She wants you to be healthy and strong. She isn't ignoring you to be mean, she honestly believes she knows more about managing your condition than you do. They see lots of people telling them how to treat things, and most of them are total wackadoos. Try to stay calm, and talk to them with respect. Yelling at them will get you nowhere fast.

With that, I'm going to lie down again. I'm wiped out from this last few days and need some major rest. I've got some goodies to post soon... here's a teaser of what I'll be talking about next time.

The monkeys have stolen my brain!
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Friday, February 18, 2011

Hello Kitty Loves Pink Confetti

Hello there! I hope the weather is treating you better than it's treating me. Honestly, it's bizarre to have snow in Louisiana in February! I've been snuggled up in my fuzzy socks, trying to keep warm while I dream up new things to do to nails.
Speaking of nails, I finally got around to testing the Confetti polish I bought a few months back. I know, I know, I'm so behind on things. I'm getting there, though! I chose a sweet pink glitter polish with multicolor transparent glitter in multiple sizes called Pink Confetti. I know, it's an original name, but it fits!

I wanted to see just how much color this polish had, so I put it over a white base. I put one coat on, then added two more coats to the top half of the nail. As you can see, you wind up with a lovely sheer pink with tons of glitter. Looking at it now, I think I'll have to test it over some dark colors next to see if I can bring out the colors in the glitter.

However, that's for a future post. Instead I decided to try out some decals I made a while back. You may or may not know this, but I absolutely love Hello Kitty. Since I couldn't find any HK decals that I liked enough to buy, I decided to experiment a bit and see if I could make some.

So, how did I make these? Easy enough, if somewhat fiddly. I went online and searched for Hello Kitty images. I saved several of my favorites, then resized them in Photoshop. Once I had them at a size I thought might be appropriate, I decided I needed to do a test print to see if they really were a good size. It's so hard to tell on the computer!

I saved the image then printed it on regular white printer paper with my laser printer. Once I had the test print in my hand, I realized that hey, I might be able to cut these out and use them as they are! I spent a few minutes cutting with my teeny manicure scissors, hoping I could cut them neatly without losing any details. Sure enough, I wound up with the tiniest little Hello Kitty wearing her cute glasses! I added a dab of clear nail polish and pressed the paper decal onto the nail, then topped it with a thick coat of clear polish, and what do ya know... I had Hello Kitty on my nail!

Then I remembered my Fing'rs nail gems. That set has lots of shapes of gems- hearts, teardrops, and one that looks like a dog bone... or a bow! I pulled the set out and realized that it would fit perfectly, so I quickly pressed it into the wet nail polish, and you see the end result! Hello Kitty has a sweet, dimensional bow.

What can I say, I think I love this look. Once my nails grow out a bit, I'll definitely have to try this on my own nails!

It's weird to see a celebrity you like, but not talk to them because you don't want to disturb them.
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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Coming Soon From China Glaze- Crackle Glaze!

Oh my goodness, are you ready for this? China Glaze is joining the list of brands with a crackle-finish polish available, only they're going above and beyond the rest. Instead of having just black, they're offering six fab colors to suit all your crackle needs! Just look at this display!

Is that teal gorgeous or what? I'm the edge of my seat here, and I wasn't feeling the crackle finish at all. But that teal sold me on it. You get to choose between six lush colors... how great is that?

I'm already thinking of manicures I could do with these... I might have to suck it up and break my no-buy if I can find these in my area. Also, I need to find a spot that sells Nails Magazine...

So what do you think of these? Are you going to get any crackle colors? Which ones? Talk to me, people!

Image was provided by the China Glaze.
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Monday, February 14, 2011

Lady Gaga Wears Deborah Lippmann at the Grammys

Wow. Did you watch the Grammys last night? I have do admit that Lady Gaga is one of my favorite performers, and last night she showed why. She debuted her new song "Born This Way" and absolutely blew me away, as usual. That voice is unreal, and I love the way she uses it. No oversinging, no trying to disguise a lack of talent with the ever-present autotune.

Last night, Gaga's performance began with an egg that was carried down the red carpet by four scantily-clad muscular men, and watched over by her supermodel "nurse." Gaga's publicist had said on twitter that she was "in incubation," and on the red carpet that "nurse" said Gaga was in a "creative embryonic stage and won't be born until her performance this evening."

Later, that egg was rolled onto stage on large carriage wheels, where Gaga emerged in a buttery yellow ensemble. She then launched into her new song, accompanied onstage by her dancers. It was a hell of a show, and ended with a visually stunning image of Gaga and her dancers, all with one hand up in the air. To me, it spoke of solidarity, of acceptance. "We were born this way, and you were too. We stand together, for us, for you, for them..."

What can I say, it moved me. I love the message of acceptance, the idea of supporting people as they are instead of ask them to fit into some cookie cutter mold of society's choosing. I guess it's obvious that Lady Gaga is one of my favorite artists...

Also as usual, she was wearing Deborah Lippmann polish on her nails. Last night's creation was a stunning yellow polish called "Yellow Brick Road," and I for one cannot wait to get my hands on this polish. Yellows are known for being difficult to work with, so I'm hoping this one performs as well as the rest of the Lippmann polishes I've worn. If it's even half as nice as the rest, it's gonna be a showstopper.

So what do you think? Is this a yellow you'd wear, or is this just a bit too far out there for you?

Images were provided by Deborah Lippmann's PR.
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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Everybody Loves the Boudreaux's Butt Paste!

This post brought to you by Boudreaux's Butt Paste. All opinions are 100% mine.
Hello, my lovelies! Things at Chez Laynie have been absolutely chaotic, as usual. Then again, when isn't it? I'm so excited because a friend of mine just had a baby, so I've been reading her journal and looking at videos and photos of the new wee one. Such a cute little guy!
I think it's so sad when babies get diaper rash. Their little bottoms are so sensitive, and even baby wipes can be harsh on their delicate skin. I remember when my kiddo was little. He would cry so hard when he had diaper rash! I wish we'd had Boudreaux's Butt Paste when he was little. My family has sworn by it for years.
I remember the first time I heard about it. I laughed so hard, wondering why anyone would name something Butt Paste. Then I realized it was brilliant, because it's a name I wouldn't forget! Then I learned the story behind the butt paste. Apparently a pharmacist had made his own diaper cream, including ingredients that he knew were gentle and soothing. Apparently, everyone heard how great his butt paste was, and soon the formula was bought by a big company who kept the name of the pharmacist on it, realizing that Boudreaux's Butt Paste was a name that would sell.
Is it true? I have no idea. But the cream really is that good. It's not just for diaper rash, either... it soothes bug bites and chafed skin beautifully. I've known hunters who carried a bit with them when they're in the woods, and moms who would use it on their kids whenever they'd get a booboo. Although I never have gotten used to hearing someone ask, "Do you know where the butt paste is?"
Quick note- if you're interested in trying a sample of Butt Paste, just visit the Boudreaux's Butt Paste website. They'll send you a free sample so you can see how great it is for yourself! You can't beat that...
Til next time!

It's weird to see a celebrity you like, but not talk to them because you don't want to disturb them.
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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Rainbow Flowers After Showers?

Wow, long time no blog! What can I say, it's been chaotic around here. Lots of weather changes going on, lots of weirdness. Plus, I managed to break every nail on my swatching hand, so I'm down to nubs. Oh yea, that's pretty to photograph! However, I've been experimenting on some false nails, so I have things to show you.

Today's nail art is a revisiting of a nail I'd made earlier. You may remember my acrylic paint rainbow I did a while back. While I love the look, I still wanted to try and experiment with it, see if I could come up with one more look for it.

I think I managed? It's different, at least. I'm not sure if I like it, though. I used a black acrylic paint to block out everything but the flower petals, and then added a single rhinestone in the center from the Fing'rs Flirt Nail & Body Jewels. Once the stone was in  place, I covered the whole thing with a layer or two of my Sally Hansen topcoat, just to secure everything in place and make sure I get that glassy look I love.

So, pros and cons. I love the bright color against the deep black gloss. It's really an interesting look. The stone gives it a nice pop, and I think this look has massive potential. Unfortunately, I think my petals are extremely sloppy and that I put so much black that I've lost the beauty of the rainbow on this nail. It's not awful, but it's certainly not good.

Ah well, I know I'm a perfectionist. One thing I did love is the Fing'rs gems I used. They come in a weird little clamshell container that is absolutely awful- the gems stick to the top and go everywhere if you aren't careful. For example, I was working with these one night and accidentally dumped them in my lap not once, not twice, but three times in a row. And because I'm OCD, I had to sort them back into their little cubbies properly. However, if you can get past that, the gems themselves are absolutely GORGEOUS!!

Seriously, look at these! They're so colorful, and they're small enough to look pretty and dainty on the nail. I also like that there's a range of colors and shapes. Overall, I think this set is totally worth the money, and you'll be seeing a lot more of these in the next few weeks!

So, what do you think? Is this nail a win or a fail?

The nail gems were provided by Fing'rs for consideration.
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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Growing Up With Tabasco, a South Louisiana Tradition

This post brought to you by TABASCO® Original Red. All opinions are 100% mine.

Growing up in South Louisiana, food was a huge part of life. I don't think I can really describe just how important food is in cajun culture. When there's a celebration, there's a feast. When someone dies, there's a feast. Marriage, graduation, new baby? You guessed it... somebody was going to cook, and you could just about bet that there would be TABASCO® Original Red sauce on the table.

I never thought about it- Tabasco was just always there. It was introduced by the McIlhennys in 1868, and every school kid in my area would take a fieldtrip to Avery Island to see where it was made. That was the highlight of my year. Avery Island has 250 acres of Jungle Gardens with the most beautiful scenery around. Plus, we'd get to tour the factory and see how that special red sauce was made and aged in big wooden barrels made from the local White Oak trees. Then we got to go to the gift shop, and I got to buy myself a souvenir of the trip!

I was so excited. I bought my dad a little bottle of Tabasco Original Red (heck, it was the ONLY flavor at the time!) and then with what little money left over, I bought self a can of cow moos. It was a little cardboard can that would make a moo sound when you turned it over. I was so excited... I would flip the little can over and over on the bus back home. But as kids do, I somehow lost it before I even got home. It's ok, though... my bottle of Tabasco made it home with me!

Dad was thrilled. He always ate Tabasco on his scrambled eggs. There's something about it that enhances the flavor of foods. It's more than just heat. Somehow, that simple mix of salt, vinegar and red pepper bring out the subtle complexity of food's flavors. It's a requirement for Louisiana meals!

Tabasco was a way of life, come to think of it. My husband's best friend ate so much Tabasco that we joked he was addicted to it. It wasn't just hot sauce that he loved... no, it had to be McIlhenney's Tabasco Original Red. He put it on absolutely everything: white beans, jambalaya, stew, soups... he even put it on his pizza!

So, with Super Bowl Sunday coming up, I thought I'd share an idea with you. What goes better with football than pizza? Let me tell you, I thought my husband's friend was crazy for putting Tabasco on pizza, but it really does do something special to the flavor. It's like it unlocks all those subtle little bits of goodness that you wouldn't notice otherwise and brings a whole new level of yummy to the party! You can put it on delivery pizza or add it to your own homemade pie, but try it. You might be surprised at just how tasty it is!

For ideas on how to jazz up your Super Bowl pizza, why not check out the Game-Day Party Menu at There's even a special section dedicated to Pizza Perfected. Share a little taste of Louisiana with your friends and kick up the flavor. You'll be glad you did!



I miss my moo can.
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Friday, February 4, 2011

Crafting as Pain Management? Sign me up!

I've gotten several people asking if I'm doing ok, since the blog is being neglected a bit and I'm not quite my usual bubbly self. While I can't say the last few weeks have been super-awesome happy fun time, I'm actually doing pretty well at the moment. I had a few situations come up that would have been annoying on their own, but when they all happened together turned out to be downright difficult to get through.

For example, the weather has been yo-yoing back and forth between 80s and 20s. I'm not exaggerating- it will literally be 83 one afternoon, and 27 the next night. Weather changes make my fibromyalgia grumble, and the more dramatic the change, the more intense the symptoms. I also ran into some problems with one of my daily medications, which led to me being out of it for several days. That made the fibro grumble too, as did coming down with a general crud. Cold, flu... something. It's been loads of fun.

So now the fibro is in full flare, meaning I'm very limited in what I can do and how much energy I've got. It's improving lots now, but it's been hard to be upbeat the last few weeks. However, I'm thrilled because I've found several new things that help manage the fibro pain.

I've shown you some of the drawings I've done lately. However, I've also found some other things to distract myself from the icky fibro bits. If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen some of these. If so, you'll see 'em again. :D

I've been making barrettes. I'm using snap clips, which seem to work nicely in my hair and are easy for me to find. I found several tutorials that showed people covering them with various materials, and one night when our power had gone out I decided to figure out how I was going to accomplish it. Turns out it's easy, even though I didn't save any of those tutorials!

I made my own simple pattern and have been experimenting with various ways of fastening the covers. I've made several types of barrettes: embroidered felt, zipper roses, and cute skully barrettes on ruffles or felt circles. I'm in love with the skullies. They've made me giggle, and I have several more skully patches to use for various designs.

I'm imagining more skully barrettes, skullies with tiny pink bows, skullies on big bows... I absolutely love skulls, and these are the perfect size! I'm thinking I'm going to wind up with an enormous pile of barrettes if they don't sell on Etsy.

That's right- you too could own a Layniefingers original! *giggles* I haven't decided on prices yet, but I've had several friends tell me I HAVE to sell these, since they're so darned cute. We'll see, right?

Till next time!

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