Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Never paint your nails when you're sick...

Wow. You know how sometimes you have a great idea, and yet the execution of it just totally fails? Yea. This was one of those days. I blame the cold medicines and the plague. I didn't bother cleaning these up much because I just wasn't gonna keep them on.

First, I painted my nails with two coats of Love My Nails white, hoping to get the move vibrance out of my rainbows, then taped around my nail like you would for a water marble. I was planning to have gorgeous rainbow gradients, topped with some sort of black pattern.

Best laid plans, I guess. I was feeling lazy, so I just sort of estimated where the color should go on the sponge. I kinda overshot, so I barely had any purple and I had no red/pink at all. Bleah. Worse, when I pulled the tape off I had white edges!!

This isn't awful, I know, but it really isn't at all what I was going for. I said to heck with it and decided to try something different on my right hand...

... except apparently, something different in this case was something hideously ugly. I figured I'd dab the color onto the nail somewhat randomly, then paint over it with black. But... no. This was ugly enough I couldn't wait to remove it.

It makes a fun blog post, though. See, all those times I tell you to have fun with it, because it's only nail polish? I mean it!

At least I like what I did afterwards. But you'll have to wait til tomorrow to see what that is! I know, I'm such a tease...

So come back tomorrow. Today's nails are a total Cinderella story!

Stupid plague...
See my disclosure statement for more information.


  1. I really like the first hand. That one looks really nice!

    1. Thank you! It just wasn't what I was hoping for. I've got a revamped version on now I'm gonna be working with later today, if I can get some sleep. :D


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