Friday, October 5, 2012

It's finally here- a tutorial on how to do laser print nail transfers!

Some of you may remember that a while back I posted a pretty photo of colorful nail art, saying I was working on a technique to share with everyone. I finally figured it out, and then the world blew up, so to speak. However, a few people gently reminded me they were still anxiously awaiting this technique, so I finally got off my butt and finished editing the video that's been waiting all this time. I'm so happy to finally share this technique with all of you!

As you may have noticed from the title of today's blog, these nails were done using color laser prints. That's right- no special tools needed, no store-bought decals or fancy papers or anything. The supplies to create these nails are very basic, aside from the laser prints themselves.

You'll need:
  • Color laser prints - inkjet prints will not work for this project.
  • Acetone or nail polish remover
  • A soft paintbrush
  • White or very-light nail polish
  • Base coat and top coat as usual
The process to apply these transfers is simple, but it can be fiddly at times. It took me over two weeks of playing with this daily to achieve what you see in the top image of this post. But if you take your time and make sure your image is actually transferring to your nail before you lift the paper you can come out with a fantastic finished image.

Once your transfers are done, you can finish your nails off any way you like. You can add glitters, stones, stickers or even additional nail polish. The only real limit here is your imagination!

So what are you waiting for? Watch the video!

That's it! You can use your own scanned-in images, things you've drawn or photographed, images from the internet... anything you can print can go on your nails!

Remember, if you do your nails with something inspired by my blog, leave me a comment and a photo. I love seeing what you come up with, and I love knowing I've inspired someone!

Hope you have a fantastic weekend!
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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you so much! I had a lot of putting images together to put on my nails. I may even have some downloadable content one of these days! ;)

  2. What a great tutorial, thanks for sharing!

    Leslie :)

  3. yea, tlk about a long time. Ive been waitin decades for this. I eventually thought i had missed it cuz i never saw it haha :)

    1. I apologize for that... I imagine that was frustrating! I'll try not to do the tease-and-reveal in the future unless I've got the next post all ready to go.

  4. Aw I need to get a laser printer now! Brilliant vid TQ again

    1. Not really... You can always go to your local library and see if they have one, or go to a copy shop like Kinkos or something. Color laser printed sheets aren't all that expensive, and you can fit a TON of designs on one page!

      The hardest part IMHO is prepping the images so they'll fit the nail. If you can do that, then just save the page as a jpg, put it on a USB drive and take it to print. Even if it's $1.50 a page, that's lots cheaper than any nail decals you could buy!


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