Friday, March 2, 2012

Custom Nail Decals Redux

Do you remember that post I wrote a while back about making your own custom nail decals with nail polish and scrapbooking punches? Then I wrote another post with a photo, implying I had something fun to show you if it worked out?

I've still been fiddling with them, trying to see just how much I can do with them. The verdict is in... they're lots of fun! Turns out they're even more versatile than I thought, which means lots of fun for everyone!

So, what would be a fun way to embellish punched nail decals? Since I had an adorable cupcake punch, I decided to play around with those. It was a perfect chance to fiddle with multicolor polish strips. Once I punched out my cupcakes, I wasn't happy with them, though. But then I realized they needed something else- the proverbial cherry on top, if you will.

I pulled out my plastic bags again, along with some clear nail polish and the adorable Fingr's Flirt nail and body jewels kit I'd been sent ages ago to evaluate. Those are the cutest little gems, tiny and perfect for nail art! I put a tiny dot of clear polish onto the bag for each cupcake, then pressed it gently into place so that it wouldn't be moving around. Then I added a tiny dab of clear polish onto the top of each cupcake and pressed a stone onto each one to represent a sparkling cherry (or other cupcake decoration). Once that had dried, I added a coat of topcoat to seal everything together and held my breath.

As you can see, they worked out wonderfully! I wanted to make sure there wasn't a lot of excess clear polish around each decal, so I used my cleanup brush with some acetone to remove any extra that had gathered around the edges of the decals. I also added different embellishments to some hearts and butterflies. Some got gems, some got glitter.  All got a coat of topcoat and cleanup afterwards.

I found out you can really play with the dimensionality of the decals once they're set up like this. For the tiny heart I mixed some Isis brand glitter in the color Coral Beach from Nail de Royale with clear polish into a thick paste, then mounded it onto the tiny heart. To my surprise, it stayed mounded once it was dry! So cute... I may have to make some more of those...

This pic should give you an idea of how large these decals are... that's my index finger it's sitting on! So teeny and cute... I love it!

I also experimented with another substance for decals. I didn't like how the nail polish decals can crack, or melt and smear with topcoat. I started thinking, and realized I've had success peeling acrylic paint off of my palette once it's dried. It was time to experiment some more!

As you can see, they turned out nicely! I had some old cheapie acrylic paints that came with a kids' art project years ago. They were super-thick with age, so I smeared them onto my plastic bag with a craft stick and let them dry.

Some of them turned out pretty thick, but it was still proof that the idea works. These decals end up
sticking well to the plastic bag, so I didn't have any problem with them getting stuck together or cracking or anything. And with a dab of clear polish, I was able to combine decals for bold color, or to add rhinestones or glitter to them. I am SO in love with these!

So there you have it- even more options for creating your own nail decals! I've had much too much fun making these, and now that I know I can use my acrylic paints? I may need more storage just for the mini punches I plan to acquire!

I know, I know, it's a sickness... but at least it's a productive one!

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