Laynie's Tutorials

It's been suggested to me several times that I should collect links to all my tutorials in one spot, to make it easy to look through them and find what you're interested in. So, since I love to please, here it is... an all-in-one collection of my tutorials. This will continue to be updated as I remember.

Remember- it's just nail polish. If you mess up, take it off... it's ok! Just have fun with it!

Nail Polish Basics
How to Remove Polish With the Least Pain and Mess
How to Restore Your Seche Vite
Basic Cuticle Cleanup After Painting Your Nails
How to Create Sponge Tools For Nail Art

Nail Art Tutorials
Create Sponged Gradient Ombre Nails
Scrapbook Punch Nail Decals
Green and Gold Animal Inspired Print (Tiger? Zebra?)
Glittery Tiger Print
Painterly-Style Zebra Print
Hot Pink and Blue Glitter Cheetah Print
LSU Nails (Purple and Gold)
Louisiana Luau
Spring Floral Manicure
How to Apply Water Decals
Misted Paths: An Experiment in Monochrome

Basic How-To's
Hidden Nail Art Using Holographic Polishes
Using a Kitchen Sponge to Apply a Special Look
Gradient Tiger Stripes
Making Your Neutral Manicures Sparkle
Using Nail Stencils With Nail Polish Pens
Using Candy Foils As Nail Foils

Holiday Tutorials

Christmas/Hannuah/Kwanza/Yule/Winter Holidays:
2010 Happy Holidaze #1- You Light Up My Manicure
2010 Happy Holidaze #2- It's Looking Like A Stripey Hannukah
2010 Happy Holidaze #3- A Simple Snowflake Design
2010 Happy Holidaze #4- All About the Glitter, Baby!
2010 Happy Holidaze #5- Five Gold Rings
2010 Happy Holidaze #6- An Unfortunate Konad Design
2010 Happy Holidaze #7- Sweet Nothings
2010 Happy Holidaze #8- Punch Out Your Nail Art
2010 Happy Holidaze #8b- Dollar Tree Striping Tape
2010 Happy Holidaze #9- A Stamping We Will Go!
2010 Happy Holidaze #10- Checks, Please!
2010 Happy Holidaze #11- All Buttoned Up!
2010 Happy Holidaze #12- It's a Fat Man's Red Suit
2010 Happy Holidaze #13 A Simple Holiday Look
2010 Happy Holidaze #14- It's a Kwanza Day
2010 Happy Holidaze #15- It's All Stripey!
2010 Happy Holidaze #16- Let's Trim the Tree!