Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Happy Holidaze the tenth- Checks, Please!

Whew, today has been one of those days that seems like it's 48 hours long, and I only got a few hours of sleep. I even ended up falling asleep in the waiting room at my son's doctor appointment! Talk about embarrassing...

So, this will be a short-n-sweet blog for short-n-sweet nails! (Or long nails, whatever, I'm not picky!) Today's nails are checked, using blue, green, and silver. It's very simple to do... paint your base color, then do diagonal stripes one way in one color, then the other in another color.

The process is really simple.

  1. Apply base coat. Always, base coat.
  2. Apply background polish color. This generally means 2 coats, minimum.
  3. Paint evenly-spaced silver stripes diagonally across the nail.
  4. Paint evenly-spaced green stripes diagonally in the opposite direction across the nail.
  5. Apply top coat after stripes have had a few minutes to dry.

See? I like it, I think it's cute, but I'm not sure it looks finished, exactly. Maybe it needs something else on top- a few flowers, or something. Maybe a fleur de lis, since I'm in New Orleans Saints country? What do you think- would you leave it like this or add something to it? What would you add?

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